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Blurams PTZ Dome Security Camera 2K - A31

· Cloud/Local SD Card Storage

· 360° Coverage with 2K Resolution

· Two-Way Audio & Sound Alarm

· Smart Motion Tracking & Human Detection

· Bright IR Night Vision

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Why People Love Blurams.

Why People Love Blurams.
Mahesh Patel

I now can go in an area of my yard after dark and just by my motion the light turns on and lights up my whole side yard perfectly! Not only am I pleased with that. The in color, night vision option is great quality and something I would love in each of my outdoor security cameras. 

Why People Love Blurams.
Nishant Kathuria

The blurams cam was recommended by many you tubers and is hands down one of the best cameras I have purchased. We have it installed upside down and use it as a baby monitor. Installation was easy and fast, and the picture quality is great during the day and night time.

Why People Love Blurams.
Brittney Norman
I was living in an area where people were getting beat up regularly. This is my 2nd security camera and I love the picture quality, it rotates almost 360 degrees, can do motion sensing and human detection, I mounted this one beside the window so I can see what is in front of my house.